Weeping bottlebrush

Callistemon viminalis


The Weeping bottlebrush grows into a medium size tree 20-30 ft. tall with an upright form and weeping branches. Young plants grow for many years into narrow columnar plants, 10-15 ft. wide, but become increasingly broad, eventually reaching 20-25 ft. in width. Foliage is comprised of soft narrow pale green leaves that hang from drooping branches to create a pleasing weeping appearance. Red flowers are showy in early to mid spring as well as occur intermittently throughout warm months of the year.

Weeping bottlebrush comes from stream banks and coastal plains across eastern Australia where it grows with regular moisture and mild temperatures. However, like other bottlebrush species, it has proven to be widely adaptable in cultivation and is planted in the Inland Empire where it tolerates summer dry and warm conditions, and winter temperatures to 20-25°F . It is commonly used as a street tree, background screen and weeping accent plant in residential and commercial gardens and landscapes.

Several cultivars are currently available from nurseries, including: C. v. ‘Captain Cook’ is a compact selection, 4-6 ft. tall and as wide, with dense narrow leaves and crimson red flowers; C. v. ‘McGaskillii’ is a robust and colorful variety reaching the same height as the species, but has a more columnar form; and C. v. ‘Red Cascade’ is a standard size cultivar growing to 25 ft. tall, 15 ft. wide, with larger clusters of hanging red flowers.

Plant Type: Tree
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Narrow, Low-branching, Weeping
Growth Rate: Moderate
Foliage Color: Pale green
Flower Color: Red
Flower Season: Spring
Soil Adaptations: Silt, Loam, Clay, Calcareous soil
Exposure Adaptations: Wind, Heat, Frost, Aridity, All day sun
Function: Wildlife value, Screening, Parkway and median tree, Hummingbird plant, Flowering accent plant, Background plant, Attracts bees
Height: 20 ft. – 30 ft.
Width: 20 ft. – 25 ft.