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The Yew pine is an evergreen tree growing with an upright and spiraling branching habit that can eventually reach 25-50 ft. tall, 15-20 ft. wide. It has handsome dark green linear leaves, 1/2 in. wide, 3-4 in. long. In contrast to its natural growth habit, the Yew pine is commonly clipped into tall and narrow shapes for formal uses along colonnades and for tall perimeter screens.

Yew pine is highly adaptable to many planting conditions and is a popular plant in commercial landscapes throughout the Inland Empire. It is native to temperate climate zones of China and Japan, and is naturally suited to areas with cool and moist winters and warm summers. It does best in well-drained loam soils with regular moisture, and in sunny or semi-shaded exposures.

Water Needs

The Yew pine grows best in the Inland Empire with regular irrigation throughout the year. The chart shown below provides a baseline guide to the monthly irrigation schedule and volume of supplemental water needed to maintain healthy growth throughout the average year. The high and low range of moisture indicates it can grow with varying amounts of water; higher amounts of water will result in more springtime foliage growth as well as better overall summer foliage character.

Irrigation Schedule and Graph

Moderate Water Use Plants

Irrigation Schedule 4

  Jan* Feb* Mar* Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov* Dec*
Runs per Month 0x to 3x 0x to 3x 0x to 3x 2x to 3x 2x to 3x 3x to 4x 3x to 4x 3x to 4x 2x to 3x 2x to 3x 0x to 3x 0x to 3x
Inches per Run 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1"
Inches per Month 0" to 3" 0" to 3" 0" to 3" 2" to 3" 2" to 3" 3" to 4" 3" to 4" 3" to 4" 2" to 3" 2" to 3" 0" to 3" 0" to 3"

Range of supplemental summer water: 17"-24"
Range of supplemental winter water: 0"-15"

  Jan* Feb* Mar* Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov* Dec*
For more information on how to use this Irrigation Schedule and Graph, follow this link.

For information how to calculate your irrigation system’s schedule and precipitation rate, please follow this link.

Plant Properties

Plant Type: Tree
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Narrow, Low-branching, Dense, Arching
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: 25 ft. - 50 ft.
Width: 15 ft. - 20 ft.
Water Needs: Moderate 4
Foliage Color: Dark green
Flower Color: Insignificant
Flower Season: Spring, Insignificant
Soil Adaptations: Well-draining soil, Loam
Exposure Adaptations: Morning sun, Heat, All day sun, Partial sun
Function: Screening, Residential spaces, Parks and open space, Foundations, Foliage accent plant, Espalier, Commercial spaces, Civic spaces, Background plant, Hedge


Plan on some early structural pruning to establish desired long term form. Can be maintained as a screen, an informal hedge, or a formal sheared hedge. Main pruning is best done in winter. Prune as needed throughout the year if you are maintaining a screen or hedge (D).



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